Gaydar UK gay dating and chat review – is it the best place for a single gay?

Posted on May 20, 2019 in Adult, Gay Dating

Gaydar UK gay dating and chat review – is it the best place for a single gay?

First impressions of the Gaydar app

The first impression of using the Gaydar app is average: it seems one just came to a typical gay hookup platform with a typical design and typical features.

Design of Gaydar is stylish and minimalistic. The main page contains a very promising and reassuring text that informs the users about 18 successful years in the gay dating market. We also learn about millions of gay and bi-men in the database.

The app description promises improved navigation, new looks, new filters, and sorted winks or views.

The app is presented both on AppleStore and Playmarket, it is also accompanied with the desktop version which is, in its turn, easily connected with social networks.

Among the advantages, there are low price, possible anonymous mode, group chats for timid daters, and more.

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However, one is immediately shocked by the super low rate of the app and negative responses about it. It turns out that well-advertised and promoted improvements do not bring any visible effect and all the huge database remains mute.

So how to succeed on Gaydar app, if it’s possible at all? Gaydar gay dating and chat review is able to help you with that.

Gaydar UK gay dating

Easy tips on how to date and hookup using Gaydar

There are several gay apps that are in fact worse than their desktop versions. But they have the right for existence, and here is why:

  • It’s still more convenient to follow your correspondence and the list of favorites through the app, when you are out of home, even if you use the desktop version at home. The problem is that they aren’t always synchronized properly and you are going to have different contacts here and there. But if you succeed to synchronize, communicate with your old contacts only on the app and don’t try to make new ones. It’s much more reasonable to do from your computer.
  • Use as professional and provocative profile photo as you can. Forget about average and modest photo you have probably used on the desktop version. There’s a smaller base of members on the app and not all of them are even active. So a brighter and sexier photo will help you attract as much attention as possible.
  • Swipe all day. It may sound weird and surely you cannot do that, but it’s recommended to spend much more time on Gaydar and other similar apps than you used to. Because it works so slowly and gives poor results, you should dig deeper and put more efforts in general.
  • Be less picky. When dozens of attractive gay men are writing to you, it’s normal that you become selective and stop answering to some of them quickly. But when there is only one or two messages a day, it makes sense to get focused on those rare users and try to get to know them better. Maybe you surprisingly have much more in common than you thought?
  • Better be straightforward. Catching a chance means being direct and initiative. Remember about the worse choice on Gaydar app than on the desktop site and some other platforms. If you’re lucky to find someone close enough geographically, meet immediately even if this person isn’t exactly your type. If you have found someone nice a bit more far than you hoped, drive or even travel there: it’s better than staying alone!
  • Try to insist on your purpose of search. Another problem of the apps with a smaller choice is incompatibility of purposes. Maybe, your new acquaintance wants gay threesome, while you want only one partner. Or, optionally, he needs a gay sugar daddy while you consider only equal relationships. Do not give up or reject them too soon: all that can be discussed! You’ll be amazed how easily people change their mind. As more as you can use your diplomatic qualities: for example, you can promise the two of you will try threesome in future when you get along well, plus you can perfectly pay the dinner and give some pocket money to a gay sugar baby. Why not? Find out whether Gaydar is the most effective dating platform for gay men when you are brave and imaginative enough yourself!


Real-life stories about Gaydar app

There are always various proven success stories on all dating apps, including gay hookup platforms. In this section, you can learn Gaydar gay dating and chat review – is it the best place for a single gay?

Unfortunately, not many success stories take place on Gaydar app, but the evidence from real users can be found. Let’s see together what they say.

“Gaydar isn’t a new app, and it used to be much better in its first years. I remember myself finding wonderful matches and spending a great time with its help. But it isn’t happening last 3-4 years at all. I still can find some penpals and sex buddies on the main site while the app is nearly useless. I keep on using it on my smartphone cause it’s so cheap, and I’m still hoping for the miracle.” (David, 39, New York City)

“I remember Gaydar as a legend and all my friends were registered there: drag queens, jocks, otters, bears, and bisexual men. It was fun to find new folks there and then discuss in our circle or meet all together. It was possible to arrange a gay event and make it famous on Gaydar. Right now nothing like that is happening there. It’s a quiet place where no one likes you back and technical problems happen all the time. I remain there just to honor the memory of an old-times Gaydar and keep in touch with some of my favourites but that’s all. I think its time is over.” (Michael, 42, Phoenix)

“I joined Gaydar app a few months ago and quickly left. I didn’t understand at all who and for what created it. There are so many good gay apps out there today, overly-populated and very trendy. Some of them with the elements of social networks and other cool bonuses. But this one is about nothing. Dudes to whom I am writing, never answer and do not even seem alive. I strongly feel there can be bots and hundreds of inactive profiles. I can’t prove that of course but I’m just unhappy about the outcome. I wouldn’t recommend Gaydar to anyone.” (Luke, 26, Johannesburg)Gaydar app review

“I personally find other popular gay apps too superficial, so they aren’t for me, but I cannot say a good word about this one either. Judge yourself, the most attractive users remain silent like they’re just pictures, while average-looking users are just asking you about material help and get vulgar too quickly. Oh and lately even this isn’t happening. I am a normal muscular guy and men usually like me in real life, but on this app I feel invisible and unwanted. I cannot rate Gaydar high and it isn’t my choice for sure.” (Thom, 35, Dallas)

“Gaydar is for youth only. And even the youth isn’t very active there. In those rare cases when someone is replying to me, they lead such immature and shallow talks. I don’t mind quick gay sex if chemistry is there, but these folks aren’t even after sex, they want online flirting while their mom is away! That’s ridiculous. I also dislike non-original features which aren’t working properly. To be short, Gaydar isn’t helpful at all and I may stop using it”. (Frank, 32, Miami)

“I’ve spent months on Gaydar app and got nothing. While I had 7 hookups a week on other apps. Tells about something! The majority of profiles seem non-responsive and the app is crashing all the time. That’s basically all I have to say about Gaydar. If you want to find out whether Gaydar is the most effective dating platform for gay men you can try yourself, but I think its nice design and big promises were created for naive newcomers. As an experienced gay dater, I insist this platform has no value and no meaning. It had years ago, though, but not anymore.” (Jack, 38, Washington, DC)

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