Best Dating Apps London (I’m the UK equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw)

Posted on Jul 10, 2019 in London Dating

Best Dating Apps London (I’m the UK equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw)

I’m the British equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw – I’m a columnist writing weekly articles for a newspaper in London, a real metropolis in the UK. Due to the nature of my work, I’ve tried a wide variety of best dating apps London loves and these are my favourite dating apps in London.

Living in London, every woman is looking for a job, an apartment or a boyfriend. When I was married to my ex-husband, every apartment found by him has at least one roommate in it. After I left my ex-husband, I only live by myself. That’s the benefit of dumping a freaking loser who couldn’t give me the best lifestyle that I deserve. I know this statement sounds entitled, but I only live once. Anyway, now I’m living in my own apartment without a roommate, so my lifestyle is just like Carrie Bradshaw’s – a single writer living in a luxurious apartment in a big city. Since I already have a job, all I need to do is to find a boyfriend who loves me. So, I joined Brilic dating app and met my current boyfriend, a successful entrepreneur in London (he is my Mr. Big). I have two girlfriends who also found their boyfriends on Brilic dating app, so we would like to recommend Brilic to single ladies in London.brilic dating app

  • 2 Luxy

No, this is not a sugar daddy dating app and I’m not a sugar baby at all. Luxy is just a dating platform for successful men and women to meet each other online and have dates offline. I met my ex-boyfriend on Luxy last year and we had a one-year relationship until January this year. To be fair, it was a very good relationship that I actually enjoyed. He is very caring, kind and gentle. I definitely loved him and our relationship. He was the source and the inspiration of my articles for my column and I’m eternally grateful for that. After writing a series of love stories about that guy, my column has got big traction and that’s why I got mainstream media attention quickly.

  • 3 The Inner Circle

Every member on The Inner Circle dating app is invited to join this dating community. Because I am a columnist who writes articles about dating and relationships, I was invited to join The Inner Circle a few years ago and really loved that online dating experience. Men on The Inner Circle dating app are very well-mannered, well-educated and wealthy. I highly recommend this dating app to the elite of the society, so if you are a famous person or a fascinating individual, you should totally consider joining The Inner Circle – that level of social proof is amazing.

  • 4 Elite Singles

Elite Singles dating app is designed for professional singles to find love online. Generally speaking, it’s a pretty reliable dating app in London because almost every guy that I’ve met via Elite Singles has a university degree. Maybe my standards are too high – to be honest, I don’t want to find a man who has a professional job because I always wanted to find my Mr. Big, a rich man who has a successful business. The reason I don’t want to date a guy with a professional job is because I’m a freelance writer who doesn’t need to go to the office every day – I can work from home. If I date a man with a professional job, then I will have to plan my life around his schedule. For example, when Gala Darling was dating the personal trainer in New York City, she was working from home because she is an entrepreneur, whereas her boyfriend at that time was working for a gym. It is said that their relationship didn’t work out as a consequence. Similarly, I also prefer dating a guy who controls his own hours – someone who doesn’t trade hours for dollars. In this way, if I want to go shopping with my boyfriend on a Tuesday morning, we can do that. In my opinion, weekends and weeknights are the worst time for shopping, as shopping malls are full of working-class people who go shopping on their hours off or their days off. I’d like to get the best service in boutique shops, so I want to go shopping on real couples on app

  • 5 Dine

I love dinner dates and dislike coffee/ice cream dates because I enjoy the candle light, the romantic ambience and the delicious food in an upscale restaurant. Hence, I like Dine dating app which is all about meeting wealthy men in restaurants for dinner dates. When I was on Dine dating app, I met several high-value men who bought me dinner so that I could buy Vogue. None of those guys expected me to pay for the dinner because they respected my time. That’s why I’m able to buy Vogue and shoes while living in a good neighbourhood in London.

  • 6 Raya

Because I write a popular column in a newspaper, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join Raya dating app. Not everyone can join this app because it’s only for people who are influential in some ways and every member must be invited to join this community. I met a few celebrities via Raya dating app and that online dating experience was truly outstanding. I dated a hot model, a movie star and a pop singer, thanks to this celebrity dating app in couples

  • 7 Once

Once dating app is a very interesting app for singles looking for love online. Every day during lunchtime, I received a match hand-picked by Once team. If we like each other, we’ll have 24 hours to communicate with each other online, meaning we have each other’s full attention without swiping left or right. It is indeed a very creative dating app on the market that I would like to highly recommend. I know it’s probably the most popular dating app in London because its headquarters is in London if my memory is right.

  • 8 Tinder Select

I was very lucky because I was also invited to join Tinder Select, the dating community for the elite. Men on Tinder Select are different from men on Tinder because men on Tinder Select are already filtered by Tinder’s system, whilst anyone can join Tinder. I wouldn’t recommend Tinder because the quality of daters on Tinder is the lowest of all, but Tinder Select is a high-end online dating product for high-quality, high-value men and women to meet each other on an elegant and chic interface that we absolutely for couples

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